I am a neurologist born and brought up in Calicut , in the southern Indian state of Kerala. I did my medical undergraduate studies in Calicut Medical College, my graduate studies in Vadodara in the western Indian state of Gujarat, and my post-MD specialisation in New Delhi, the Indian capital. I worked for half a decade in in the South eastern coastal town of Pondicherry, and thereafter moved to the Muscat in the West Asian capital city of Oman.

Calicut is a historical town in that it was where Vasco da Gama landed in his conquest of the eastern sea route. Vadodara in 2012 was the epicentre of the Gujarat riots that defined Indian politics ever since, while Pondicherry was the capital of the former French colony in India. Oman was the ground zero for an important political event that shaped the contours of the west asia as we see today. In 1960 and 1970s it witnessed a lesser-known British sponsored war that contained the spread of communism and leftist ideology to the oil-rich west asian peninsula.

In this blog I discuss geopolitics, conflicts, philosophy, science and religion.

It is the outcome of my reading and debates spanning last two decades. My choice of subjects in this blog is defined my itinerary through these years and my inspection of the geopolitics through the prism of a skeptic.


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Neurologist by profession, epistemologist by passion

History buff, propaganda-slayer, myth-buster

Blogs by pseudonym on science, geopolitics, conflicts and philosophy


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